Offshore Structures

PAFA Consulting Engineers offers expertise on Offshore oil and gas platforms under extreme environmental and accidental loading conditions as well as short-term installation issues and long-term degradation effects – corrosion, fatigue and vibration. PAFA assesses risks and quantifies probabilities of failure via Structural Reliability Analysis.

These skills have been applied to fixed steel jackets, jack-ups, semi-submersibles, TLPs, FPSOs/FSUs, and offshore wind farms.

PAFA offer Courses/Workshops on Fixed Offshore Steel Structures Analysis, Detailed Design and Construction, and Structural Integrity Management (SIM)

Examples include:


  • Static and dynamic¬†structural analyses
  • Member/joint design,¬†assessment and repair
  • Field development options
  • Weather-sensitive operations
  • Vessel impact
  • Helideck structural requirements
  • SRA Applications
  • Code development and Partial Factor Derivation

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