Expert Witness

Dr Frieze has been involved in a range of arbitration and other legal cases:

  • Warehouse Structure – Assessment of extent of construction defects and proportioning of responsibility
  • Hydro Tunnel – Review basis of design of water supply tunnel to hydro-electric scheme accounting for construction issues and including assessment of results of detailed site measurements taken during pressure trials at site.
  • FPSO Topsides Design and Construction – Adequacy of design information for topsides design and construction dealing with strength, fatigue, hull-structure interaction and design standards.  Appeared at four hearings.
  • Pipe Laying Vessel Superstructure Construction – Addressed design (strength/fatigue) and construction (especially fairing) issues.  Two hearings attended.
  • Jack-Up Accident Investigation – Source of damage to legs
  • Vessel Accident Investigation – Executed detailed impact analysis
  • Jetty Accident Investigation – Vessel impact damage assessment
  • Vessel Grounding/Berthing Accident Investigation –  Undertake damage assessment
  • Pile Buckling Accident Investigation – Offshore jacket pile buckling assessment
  • Vessel Break-Up Accident Investigation – Cause of break-up following grounding
  • Vessel Cargo Damage Accident Investigation – Calculation of forces to cause cargo movement
  • Cause of Vessel Damage – Extensive calculations of relative motions and impacts between ship/floating object
  • Crane Toppling Accident Investigation – Examination of possible causes for crane beam toppling during transport
  • Vessel Fire/Explosion Accident Investigation – Quantifying effects in ships’ hulls
  • Berthed Vessel Impact Forces – Calculations relating to likely level of impact forces to generate damage caused during storm whilst berthed
  • Foundered Vessel Accident Investigation – Investigation of origin of cracks found in the deck of a foundered ship


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