Offshore Structures Courses

PAFA Staff have presented a range of courses on offshore structures, as follows:

  • 3-5 day courses on design of fixed steel offshore structures with particular emphasis on the use of ISO 19902 , together with ISO 19901-1
  • 1-3 day courses on the application of SRA (Structural Reliability Analysis) covering basics, statistical characterisation of wave loads, material properties and tubular strength, partial load (action) and resistance factor derivation, typical probabilities of failure, for both fixed and floating platforms
  • 2-3 days course on Structural Integrity Management of fixed steel offshore structures addressing both jackets and topsides – also aspects of floating structure integrity management
  • 1-2 day courses on jack-up management covering basic behaviour, major hazards and risks, and site-specific assessment to ISO 19905-1.