Domestic Property

PAFA Consulting Engineers works in conjunction with Safety Cases Ltd (SCL) to carry out a wide range of structural services for domestic properties in the West London area.

  • SCL undertakes all of the domestic survey and structural calculation work while PAFA provides the necessary Quality Assurance (QA) checks on all structural work, drawings and reports.
  • SCL specialises in providing structural advice for residential properties such as bungalows, cottages, houses and apartments including extensions and loft conversions including steel-framed properties and large-panel construction.
  • SCL specialises in non-invasive and invasive inspections of steel-framed properties and large-panel construction having created a database of some 80 different types of such properties built from just after the First World War. These records include constructional details, assessment techniques, and maintenance/repair requirements.


For a quote or further information, please contact Colin Mitchell on 07850 480 118 


Our services include:

  • Traditional houses
  • Non-traditional houses such as concrete large-panel construction and steel frame houses
  • Listed buildings
  • Structural inspections & reports using non-invasive and invasive techniques, where necessary
  • Structural design & drawing
  • Lofts, extensions, conversions, basements
  • Underpinning/subsidence/subsoil inspections
  • Crack monitoring
  • Certificates of Completion
  • Building Control Submissions


  1. Traditional House-Twickenham
  2. Concrete Frame House-Barnes
  3. Steel Frame House-Hampton
  4. Crack monitoring in progress
  5. Photograph taken during an invasive assessment of the steel framed house in Photo 3.

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