iStable – Under development


Barge and Ship Hydrostatic Stability



Quick reviewer of barge and ship hydrostatic stability enables marine operators and engineers to check and review hydrostatic stability of floating bodies, i.e. barges and ships. It also assists engineers in load-out operations and ship or barge loading and ballast arrangements.


The App was developed to optimize the time and improve the accuracy when reviewing the hydrostatic stability of barges and ships. User-friendly, fast yet accurate, with input and output formats exploited in the App. A ‘real-time’ simulation is employed to find the stability curve of a floating unit so the User can investigate any anomalies should stability be an issue.


The App can develop floating body hydrostatics through a fast and user-friendly methodology, from either lines plan or even freehand line drawings, to a ready-to-use hydrostatic model. Tracing from a line drawing is made possible with the camera-enabled features of the mobile device. The User is able to include compartments within the floating body. A numerical method is used to calculate stability. Accurate free surface effects are included for all compartments. A three axis system is used to assess heave, roll and pitch. Any payload – magnitude, direction and position – can be added as well as moment loading due to cranes. It uses a mobile platform to improve User mobility. It exploits all mobile device features. The App enables barge / ship masters to check load and ballast operations.


  • Mobile platform: iOS
  • Uses touch and swipe gestures
  • Camera enabled to trace lines drawing to develop the model.
  • Compartments for each section
  • Payload of solid, bulks or liquid material.
  • Free surface effects.
  • Hydrostatic stability curves


  • The App available in custom-made and enterprise editions.
  • An Android version is available upon request.





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