iMudmat An App to simulate jacket on-bottom stability without or with piles in any condition, e.g. hanging or leaning on the jacket Hammer weight is included in the analysis The bearing stress at every point beneath the mat is calculated, excluding any mat area subject to ‘uplift’, for 360° wave and current directions treated as shear and overturning moment on the system Intuitive layout and graphics allow the user to assess any shape and size of mudmat The bearing pressure can then be used to design the mudmat structural elements Can assess bearing stresses of any shaped onshore foundation under various loading conditions Can assess subsea structural foundations: subsea manifold mat foundation, subsea compressor foundation, subsea vessels/equipment mat foundations.


Uses – Quick check and review

  • By Consultant when designing mudmats
  • By Oil and Gas Operator when reviewing mudmat design
  • By Offshore Installation Contractor (OIC) when reviewing mudmat design
  • By OIC, when determining pile installation sequence and soft-line requirements based on actual environmental loading



  • Mobile platform, use anywhere
  • Ideal for onsite work
  • Extremely efficient

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