An App for the mooring analysis of a barge/ship with and without pipe laying facilities
Caters for up to eight anchors with mid-buoys as necessary

  • Drag and drop anchor positioning is done seamlessly – drag operation on the screen controls “pay out” adjustment of the lines.
  • Anchor lines are treated as a catenary
  • An “inspector” can check sea floor clearance anywhere along the line – critical when positioning around existing infrastructure
  • Intuitive layout, graphics and simulation are presented for the User to interpret the condition of the lines and barge position
  • A copy of the design drawing can be included underlying the simulation screen to make “on paper” simulation possible.


Uses of iMoor

  • Anchor pattern study by Oil and Gas Consultant
  • Anchor pattern check and review by marine Authority of Oil and Gas Operator
  • Calculation tool during anchor deployment for barge master in pipeline installation operation;  to determine: anchor distance, buoy requirements and anchor lines tension force.
  • For students to understand the physics of catenary



  • Mobile platform, use anywhere
  • Ideal for onsite work
  • Extremely efficient


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