iCDrill – Drilling Conductor Design & Simulations

About iCDrill
App to calculate the stress state of a tensioned drilling conductor due to wave and current action during installation and operation. Airy wave theory determines the wave parameters: wave length and water particle kinematics. Morison’s equation calculates the wave forces on the conductor. The stress state of the conductor is verified using ISO 19902.

features graphical representation and touch-and-drag interface, to make for user-friendly operation. Drilling deck height and tensioner force are easily adjusted by sliders. During use, the App calculates continuously so as to rapidly verify the stress state.

Utilization under combinations of moment and tension are plotted via an interaction pad: safe and unsafe regions are defined by green and red dots, respectively. Maximum moment for the assessed condition is shown by the center-line on the pad.

Water surface and water particle velocity are displayed for the user to intuitively verify the data input and calculations.

Major Features

  • Change environmental data and analysis parameters by tap of grid input
  • Change conductor pipe data and material parameters by tap of grid input
  • Tap button to swap between ‘installation’ and ‘operation’ modes
  • Slider to move drilling deck up/down
  • In installation mode, use slider to lower/raise conductor
  • In operation mode, use slider to increase/decrease tension
  • Plot interaction by touch-and-drag.


The user is responsible for usage of results obtained from this software. Neither the developer, distributor nor agency assumes any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of any information, process or result of this software.

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